October 18, 2011

Halloween Short #1 - The Messengers

In honor of my most favorite holiday, I will be posting several Halloween-themed short stories.  Ghosts, zombies, vampires, and nightmares...it is all fair game.  Some of these are written by me, but I've also asked a few guest authors to participate as well. 

Up first...it's Karen with her story The Messengers.  Is it fact or fiction?  You decide.

The Messengers

I have always been a flyer when I dream.    Not just fly, but soar!  And fast, too.  I can dodge in and out of spaces and scream between buildings and trees.  It feels as if you are underwater and swimming like a dolphin.  I can also slow to a hover above a scene, as reported in ‘out of body” experiences.  It’s a gift I always have appreciated.  Not too many people I know are able to see the world through the eyes of a hawk or eagle, and remember everything they see.

This night I was well into another perfect flight and slowed to a scene above two people sleeping in what appeared to be an antique bed with a high oak headboard and footboard.  The female was sitting up and pointing towards the foot of the bed.  She was staring at a group of people who had entered her space.  There must have been a dozen or more of them.  I couldn’t make out their faces or what they were saying, but they were speaking to her softly.  They were also moving.  No not just moving, but more like breathing to a rhythmic swaying motion.  This motion was forward and backward and at the same time, side to side.  I could see now that they were on some kind of a porch with a railing, like on an old farmhouse with a wraparound porch.  A few of them were on rockers, but not all of them.  I don’t know how they are moving, but they are, as one.

The woman was mesmerized by this phenomenon.  She kept trying to wake her husband, by shaking his arm.  She did this so quietly, for she did not want to disturb those that may have crossed over to speak to them. She was convinced by this point that she was experiencing a vision of energies past, and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn more and communicate with them.  She wanted to know why they were visiting.  She had believed her whole life that they existed.  She tried to be open to their presence for years, even including Ouija Board parties.  So why now?  She also wanted to make sure her husband didn’t miss this chance.  She lightly shook his arm again, to no avail.  She called to him to wake up and see all that she was seeing.

She looked down and shook his arm again, and she saw that this arm she had been touching …  was blue.  His entire arm was a misty cornflower blue, and translucent.  In her puzzlement, she looked at the crowd in her room and realized why she couldn’t recognize anyone.  They were also blue.  Totally blue.  They were the same translucent and smoky blue, with very few features that could be understood.  They appeared to still be talking to her, but her confused expression told me that she didn’t understand what was happening.  Her husband never woke that night.

But, I did. 

I woke up and excitedly told my husband and daughters about this wild flying dream I had last night.  I described it all in great detail and kept asking “ I wonder what it means?”  I relayed that we were the couple in the bed that I was looking at.  I was peering down on a scene in my own bedroom.  I was flesh colored and he was blue.  I went to work and also told my coworkers the same crazy dream story.

As I was waiting for my husband to pick me up for a lunch date, a good friend, who is a State Trooper, came to my office instead.

He told me that my husband had just been killed in a plane crash.

The messengers in my dream were real.  I just didn’t understand their meaning,  as hard as I tried.

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