October 30, 2011

Halloween Short #4 - Metamorphosis

Lily knew that something was wrong yet no matter how hard she tried to convince her friends, no one would believe her.  Instead they teased her for reading books about vampires and ruined perfectly good movies with their commentary about sparkly teenage boys.  Besides, it wasn’t like Lily really believed in them herself.  Sure she thought it was every girl’s dream to have a handsome, immortal guy whisk her away from this world.  But vampires weren’t real and daydreaming about them was just a way to escape her mundane existence that was high school.

Until the symptoms began.  First it was the chills.  She could never seem to get warm enough, even in the hot summer air.  Her skin was cold to the touch and her core body temperature dropped several degrees.  The doctors said it was normal, but she insisted they were wrong.

Then it was the sleepless nights.  Lily had always prided herself in being a morning person, but for months now she’d struggled when the alarm would blare.  However, once the sun would set, her day would really begin.  She had energy and ideas and her body wouldn’t tire until she needed to get ready for school the next morning.  Lily’s teachers were concerned and she managed to accrue several demerits for falling asleep in class.  Still, no one suspected that she had changed.

Next was the anemia.  Despite an attempt to shove a balanced diet into her body, something was missing.  Excess amounts of rare steaks and hamburgers did nothing to quench the thirst growing inside of her.  Her skin paled, her mouth ached, and she had dreams about tearing into human flesh.  Lily thought her sense of smell had heightened to the point that she could identify her friend’s blood types.  It was surreal, and on the night of her eighteenth birthday, she finally learned the truth.

The ruby and gold ring was encased in a beautiful black velvet box.  At first, Lily thought it was from her parents, although they usually waited until after her birthday dinner to bestow their gifts.  Maybe she had a secret admirer.  That thought was greatly exciting, yet she couldn’t come up with a single boy who would have cared this much.  Slipping on the ring, Lily finally got all of the answers she wanted.

Lily was a chosen one.  A child of humans who had been created for another purpose.  Her parents most likely didn’t understand what would become of Lily when they agreed to the medical treatments that saved her life as a newborn.  But her rare condition hadn’t been as extraordinary as implied.  Now the race that had claimed her as a child was back to collect her as an adult.

The moment the ring touched her skin, she could hear him speaking to her.  His voice was soothing and hypnotic, explaining away her legacy and her symptoms.  She was becoming a vampire, one of the Undead. 

Lily asked the voice if she could tell her friends, for finally they would have to believe her.  But that was not possible.  She would have to leave her home tonight to finish the final transition.  The man told her he’d arrive at midnight.  Just six hours away.  Until then, Lily was to act normal, eat cake with her parents, and enjoy her final night as a human.

As she watched her fading reflection in the mirror, Lily couldn’t help but smile.  She’d always known that she was different.  And now she knew why.  Lily was a vampire and she couldn’t wait to finally join their world.

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