November 5, 2011

Book Dedications

In preparation for publication, I'm finding that it's not the editing and formatting that is giving me the most trouble.  It's writing the dedication.  As I am also in the same stage of writing on my dissertation, I am surprised to have some sort of writers block when it comes to thanking those who have encouraged me. 

I think the problem is more along the lines of where to draw that line.  I've read dedications (both book and dissertation) that are short and sweet and acknowledge the immediate family only, and then I've read others where relatives long dead and gone are given credit.  Hasn't everyone you've met in life influenced you one way or another?  For good or for bad?

I've been inspired by other writers, scientists, and hard working individuals.  And most of those people probably don't even know who I am.  So when it comes to those who gave the day to day encouragement and provided the emotional list is relatively easy to form.  But to look at why I'm doing what I'm doing...well, that list is much more difficult to compile.

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