January 28, 2012

Interview and Giveaway at A Book-a-licious Story

CYP at A Book-a-licious Story graciouly agreed to review Promises for me on top of hosting an interview and a giveaway.  Like I said...book bloggers ROCK!

The review is coming later, but right now you can see both Eviana and me talk to CYP right HERE.  You will learn more about what the book means to us and get a chance to understand what's going on inside of Eviana's head.

I am also giving away THREE electronic copies of Promises and it is open until February 12th.  If you haven't checked out (joined) CYP's blog...you should.  She posts great and informative reviews and I love her "lip" rating system. :)

So be sure to click on over and take a look!


  1. Hahhaa, thanks for posting about it here, Amber!!:D It was great talking to you (especially about diving and all)! It's amazing, really.:)

  2. Promise seems to be pretty interesting! I hope I can get my hand on one ecopy on CYP @ Bookalicious Story! Thanks for this great giveaway! New follower! :P


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