January 24, 2012

The Self Publishing Revolution

BBC News posted this article the other day about the self publishing revolution.  It is an interesting read.  As the Ereader phenomenon continues to grow, I agree with all of those who predict seeing a big change in the publishing norms.

I decided to self publish for a variety of reasons, and although it's kept me very busy the past few months, I am happy with my decision.  There are writers I know who are determined to go through a publishing house or land an agent, and I wish them the best (plus, I think they have a great shot at it).  But I actually enjoy working with the cover designer, formatting my book, and being in charge of those kind of decisions.  It's fun to play author, editor, designer, publisher, and agent all at once.  I get to take a break from my real job and dabble in a bunch of other professions.

So I will continue to follow this self publishing revolution and hope that I am on the front lines forging forward with the best of them!

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