March 29, 2012

Final Tour Stop, Book of the Month, and more!

As I sit in the hotel on my last day in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, my first book blog tour also comes to an end.  You can see the final review for Promises by Suzanne here, and I hope that you had a chance to enter the big giveaway!  I am excited to know who the lucky winners are!

I also discovered that Jaime at Geek Girl Reviews declared Promises her March Book of The Month!  How exciting and what a great compliment.  I've been so fortunate over the past month to receive so many good reviews from book bloggers and readers.  I am anxious to finish Arise and get it out to the world.  It is still a scary thing, but I feel a bit more comfortable with it now.

And lastly, I have to share these photos of what I had envisioned Eviana and Brenden's sanctuary to look like.  I know that Brenden isn't everyone's favorite person, but I'm still going to post them.  The first one is their island (at least how it looked in my head) and the second is just a beautiful Pacific sunset that they all get to enjoy each night.  Can you see them there, frolicking in the surf??  I sure can!


  1. Gorgeous! I hope the rain up here in the Pacific Northwest didn't bother you too much!

  2. Thanks! Only rained the last couple of days when I was in the city. Every day was beautiful on the coast! Still contemplating that move... :)


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