March 9, 2012

Promises Reviewed at Literatishuffle Plus HUGE Giveaway

At the third stop in my blog tour with Enchanting Book Tours, I received my first review from Fry at Literatishuffle.  As I mentioned before, reviews are invaluable - good or bad - and as an author, I am truly appreciative of readers taking the time to express their thoughts.

That being said, I've also come to an epiphany regarding my lack of detailed reviewing (Goodreads and Amazon) and I intend to remedy that situation very soon.  I'll discuss more later.

I also want to remind everyone to click on over to Enchanting Book Tours and enter for the grand prize giveaway that will take place at the end of my tour.  Two signed paperback copies (Promises and Betrayal), magnets, and a $10 amazon gift card!  Pretty sweet.  And for those of you that belong to Goodreads...I'm giving away two signed paperback copies of Betrayal.  That contest ends March 18th, so don't miss out!!


  1. Hey, I didn't realise the cover for Betrayal is out! (Ops..:X) IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!! It's 1am here, so I think I'll do a Cover Discovery/Love post tomorrow.:D

  2. Oh wow! Thanks CYP!! That would be awesome. I released Betrayal about two weeks ago. Let me know if you're interested in a review copy again. :)


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