May 15, 2012

Final Stop - Ending on a Good Note

My last tour stop actually occurred yesterday, but it was a ridiculously long work day for me and I didn't have time to post this.  I was thrilled with all of the great promotional opportunities, reviews, and new bloggers I discovered during my one week tour.  So thanks again to Bewitching Book Tours for offering these types of services to indie authors!

My final stop was at the Book Spark blog where Rachel gave Promises a four star review!  I am so humbled/relieved/excited to see these good reviews...I just want to hug every single person who said all of these nice things! :)  I'm glad that readers are enjoying my stories and it's so encouraging for me to keep writing more.

Arise is progressing very nicely and I'm really hoping to have it done by the end of the week!  Still aiming for a late June release.

And regarding the release....I will be doing a promotion and giveaway in June, so stay tuned!

A nice Bahamian sunset...


  1. I loved being part of your tour! I am going to the beach this week, and plan on reading Promises there. I thought it would be a good setting to read it;)

  2. Yeah! Promises is perfect for the beach! Happy reading and thanks for taking part in the tour. :)


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