June 19, 2012

Willkommen! Plus Reviews and Giveaways

I just can't get the Cabaret lyrics out of my head yet...

My husband and I made it home after a very long travel day and an amazing trip through Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic.  It was a graduation present for me and a long-time-planned trip that we've always talked about doing since we met a decade ago.  I will post some highlights soon.

But while I was gone, I saw that Cathee from Forever Lost in Books posted her reviews of both Promises and Betrayal and opened up the giveaway for an ebook copy of each!  I am grateful for the 4 STARS reviews and encourage you to enter the giveaway...there are three days left!  You can get the giveaway and reviews by clicking HERE.

On the days when we had limited internet access, I have to admit that I checked out my books sales a couple of times.  I know I shouldn't have thought about that, but I couldn't help it.  Each time, I was pleasantly surprised with the results, especially since I told my husband that my new dream in life is to move to Germany, live in a castle, and write full time.  Ha!!  So he and I have set a new goal for my sales and although it's a lofty one...I'm not giving up!

In fact, I hope it may actually be attainable.  I've been doing the thousanth readthrough of Arise and I have to say...I'm liking it!  My beta readers agree and I am really looking forward to getting the first proof put together soon.  Adding the third and final book in the series to the mix will hopefully leave readers with an enjoyable trilogy for less money than they would pay for one new release from a NYTBS author.  At least that's how I'm looking at it.

So, now that I'm back in my version of reality, it's time to be a business owner again and promote, promote, promote.  I have a plan, and I now feel refreshed and ready to go implement!

Although I'm not giving up on my castle just yet...

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