July 3, 2012

Kain is a stripper!

Okay, so I thought that might get your attention. Ha!

I saw Magic Mike this past weekend which starred Alex Pettyfer who, as you may recall, is the actor I think should play Kain if The Syrenka Series was ever made into a movie.  I didn't have any actors in mind when I wrote Promises, but after I saw I Am Number Four (on TV), I was like "Yep....that's my Kain".

So watching "Kain" strip and dance, and get with lots of girls was a little weird for me.  Even my friend (and beta reader) was like "Yep, he's your Kain."  So, I need to rid myself of the stripper image and go back to the blond Alex and hope he doesn't age any by the time there is a movie deal. Ha!!!


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