July 27, 2012

My Friday Review: Vampire Wake

Title: Vampire Wake (Book Two of the Kiera Hudson Series)

My Rating: 4 conch

Summary from Goodreads:

Since escaping from the Ragged Cove and finding herself suspended from the Force, Kiera Hudson is hired by the mysterious Lady Hunt to protect her sixteen-year-old daughter Kayla, from the stranger who lurks on the moors. But little does Kiera know that it is she who is really in need of protection.

Arriving at Hallowed Manor on the desolate Welsh moors, Kiera soon realises that the vampires that she has been ‘seeing’ are not the stuff of her nightmares, but are very real and closing in.

If Kiera is to escape the vampires that hunt her, she will have to discover the true identity of the bandaged man, the secret of the children’s graveyard hidden beneath the weeping willows and who or what is hiding in the ‘forbidden’ wing at Hallowed Manor…

The Review:

Kiera has lost her job, her friends, and is struggling to understand everything that she learned about her world.  When asked to travel to a secluded mansion to babysit a teenage girl, Kiera reluctantly agrees and heads off to Hallowed Manor.  Plagued by visions and bleeding eyes, she soon learns that her charge, Kayla, has been struggling with a secret of her own.  Additionally there are suspicious characters lurking around the lands and a forbidden wing in the mansion that appears to be hiding secrets.  Tim does another fantastic job of writing suspense, twists, and turns.  He kept me guessing the entire time, which made this a quick and easy read.  I enjoyed the evolving storylines between Kiera and Potter and Kiera and Luke, and am looking forward to seeing who she ends up choosing.

The Good:

We learn more about each character in this installment, and the plot is leading nicely into the next books.  I also enjoyed the new characters introduced in the series and hope we see more of them in the future.

The Issue:

I was surprised to find out Kiera was telling her side of the story in the beginning, as I thought she might be a little smarter than that (who’s going to believe her?).  I also find that I do a lot of self editing as I read (not just in Tim’s books), so there were some grammatical and sentence structure patterns that continued to stick out to me.  But that was probably just my issue!

The Rating:

4 conch - Another great story and a sequel worth reading.

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