July 15, 2012

Time For Something New

I'm often asked where I get my ideas from and how I like to plot them out.  As I'm always curious about this myself (when I read other books), I thought that I'd share this new idea with you.

Last week, while tagging conch every day (yes, gluing tags to conch), I found that my brain kept honing in on a new story.  I usually write everything down and work my way through the plot lines.  But this one has been a little different.  The opening scene came to me first, and the protagonist's name jumped into my head instantly.  Within a few hours, I knew exactly where my story was going and what I wanted the major theme to be. 

There are no mermaids, vampires, shifters and such in it...but it is SCREAMING at me in every sense of the word.  So tonight I decided to sit down and start writing.  Only one chapter has been typed, and I already wish I had more time to spend on it.  Really, I should be editing Touching Evil, working on some guest posts for my two upcoming blog tours, and publishing my dissertation research.  But I have to get some of these words out first!

Plus, as my husband and I were out running errands this weekend, I saw an image that perfectly fit one of the characters.  Now, it's stuck in my head and I am dying for the chance to start writing his story.  I believe that I already have the title (but won't share in case it changes) and I've included this image below to give you an idea of where my thoughts are.  If only there were more hours in the day...

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