August 6, 2012

Bookshelf Confessions: Promises Tour

I have been fortunate to find amazing book bloggers who have not only helped market my book through reviews, promos, and interviews...but who I also feel have become virtual friends of mine!  They are from all over the world and I am constantly encouraged by their generosity. 

Abby from Bookshelf Confessions contacted me a few months ago with an interest in touring the entire Syrenka Series for me.  Of course I said yes and now that tour is about to kick off!  The books will be reviewed in order and there will also be new guest posts and interviews along the way.  I think it will be best to post updates once per week because as you will see below, there are a lot of stops!

Thank you to all of the participating bloggers and I am looking forward to my tours!!  Here is the schedule for Promises.

The Syrenka Series Tour - Promises, August 6-17th

August 6

August 7

August 8
Interview/ Review at The Book to My Heart

August 9

August 10

August 13

August 14

August 15
Review at Stories of my Life


August 17


  1. Wow you have a busy couple of weeks then! Just goes to show how good your books are though :D

  2. Thanks!!! You just made my day! :)

  3. Amber, I want to spend more time looking at your blog. Love the water background. I am entering the contest. I would love to read your books. Thanks for entering me.

    1. Thanks Tea! There are three different giveaaways going on right hopefully you will enter them all and increase yoru chances! :) Thanks for following.

  4. Just saw this now Amber, you're welcome..and it's a pleasure hosting your books..:D

    ~Bookshelf Confessions


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