December 24, 2012

Kindle Deals and Grumblings

There are some awesome deals this week, brought to you by indie authors looking to share their work. I am excited to help cross promote and announce that Touching Evil is amongst that group of $0.99 deals for a limited time. So load up your new kindle's now with these great books -

And now that I'm talking about GREAT DEALS, I just have to express my sincere annoyance with increasing Kindle prices on new releases of some of my favorite authors. For example:

Bitter Blood, Rachael Caine - $10.99
Ever After, Kim Harrison - $14.99 (yes, that's $14!!!)
Kiss The Dead, Laurell K. Hamilton - $14.99 (and it's rated at 2.5 stars!)
Frost Burned, Patricia Briggs - $12.99
The Indigo Spell, Richelle Mead - $10.99
Dead Ever After, Charlaine Harris - $14.99

I completely understand that the authors nor Amazon are setting the price - so the publishers are being ridiculous. Remember when Kindle books weren't supposed to be above $9.99 - well, it looks like those days are over. I am so glad that there are a plethora of amazing indie authors out there and I will never be without something to read. For the rest of these....time to wait for the paperback or a lower Kindle price. I'm boycotting. 

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