December 14, 2012

My Friday Review: Resistance

Resistance (Saga of the Setti, #2) Title: Resistance: Saga of the Setti (Book Two)
Author: Stephanie Judice
My Rating: 5 conch
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Summary from Goodreads: The world is covered in darkness. A constant gray pall reminds the Setti that reapers are still here—watching, waiting, hunting. Gabe, Clara, and their clan must leave the relative safety of Beau ChĂȘne, Louisiana, in order to train with others gathering in the north. No one knows what lurks when night falls. Yet, Gabe and Clara both know that they must chance the danger in order to fulfill a dark destiny.

While Gabe grows in confidence, Clara begins to doubt everything, including her feelings for Gabe. Looming between them is a growing chasm. Clara’s constant defiance against Gabe begins to sever the bond between them. New clansman and fellow Guardian, Michael, steps in all too willingly to take Gabe’s place as her confidant and more. Good-looking and self-assured, Clara finds his charms difficult to resist. She wonders why she should resist at all.

Jessie, now a shadow scout, defies the reapers’ malevolent power. She reaches out to Clara, yearning for the impossible—to be free of the reapers’ enslavement.

Beyond Clara’s battle to save a lost loved one and to keep Gabe close to her heart, another threat stirs, whispering to Clara in the dark. Something evil hunts her. Will she listen to the one who calls to her in nightmares and eventually finds her in the flesh? Will she succumb to his will or will she cling to her human soul and her human heart?

The Review: No second book slump here! Stephanie had me entertained from the first page, and I had to read this book every day until it was finished. Clara, Gabe, and the gang have grown up quite a bit and are preparing themselves for the ultimate battle. Like regular teens thrown together in stressful situations, romances bloom and romances fail. I am very interested to see what happens with the love triangle, and several budding relationships within the rest of the group. It was nice to see an old character return, while it was torturous to feel the loss of another. The storyline with Jessie and Sveigja reminded me a little bit of Stevie Ray and Kalona from the House of Night Series, but I'm okay with that and I wonder what kind of role they will play in the series conclusion. In all, Stephanie captured me with her realistic characters and intriguing storyline and I am dying for her to release the last book as soon as possible.

The Good: Non-stop action. I like it when I get to the end of one chapter and can't wait to start into the next one.

The Issue: I wish I would have waited until Book Three is out to read the series, because now I have to be patient until 2013 to see what happens!

The Rating: 5 conch. Great characters, great plot, and great writing. A definite must-read!

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