January 6, 2013

A Writer's Resolution

First of all - Happy 2013!

I've seen several blog posts throughout the web with resolutions and goals and it made me decide that I needed to do one myself.

At first I thought I'd make two lists: one for author Amber and one for the biologist Amber. However, after thinking about this some more, I realized that this year I have overlapping resolutions. They are intertwined, interchangeable, and if all goes well, it will make for a good year.

1. It's okay to say no - Even when there are events, activities, and programs I participate in for myself, I often find that I agree to doing way too much. I have a serious overcommitment problem. This year I've decided to remedy that by saying "no" and prioritizing my time. This most definitely applies at my day job, where I need to be realistic about appreciation and job security. But it also applies to my writing. I WANT TO WRITE MORE. There it is, bottom line - in 2013 I will say no to too many activites and spend more time doing what I love - writing. Which leads to...

2. Writing is important - With four books published in 2012 and four more in the works, I promise to make time at least five days a week to write. I've set a goal of releasing two of them, and possibly submit the others.

3. Find a balance -  I guess this kind of goes along with my first two resolutions. The marketing, promoting, volunteer programs...they've all taken away from my time to write. I honestly got more done when I was working full time and completing my dissertation. So, I need to do a better job at finding and enjoying the balance.

4. Don't sweat the little things -  I am going to be better this year about not letting everything get under my skin so instantly. I will be calmer. I will let the things I can't change roll off my back and ignore them. For the most part this applies to my non-writing life, but it all translates into being a better person and enjoying what I do.

5. Connect with other writers - I want to make a point this year of meeting more indie authors and interacting with them online more. Conferences, Goodreads, promotions, givewaways - whatever it may be, I will be more involved.

So now that I've put these in "ink", I guess I'll have to stick to them! Wishing you all a great year of success, health, and lots of writing!

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