February 18, 2013

Updates and Facelifts

One of the perks about being indie...I have the flexibility to update manuscripts and covers!

After taking a break from The Syrenka Series, I went back and made some tweaks to Promises (particularly in the first chapter) and have uploaded the new version. You can find it here or here. No major changes, just cleaning it up a bit. I have a feeling every time I re-read I will want to change this word or that word, so this has satisfied me for now. I also have something in the works for this series and hope to announce it within the month. Stay tuned!

Deciding that this is the year to make stuff happen (more on that later), I recently teamed up with a local graphic artist who's going to help me achieve my goals. Although not part of my original plan, we started talking about book covers and I asked her to take a look at Touching Evil. Now, I LOVED the photo on the cover as it so perfectly matched up with a couple of scenes in the book, but it was missing...something.

A few emails with Kristin...and here we go. The BRAND NEW cover of Touching Evil! What do you think? For those that have read it, the demon eyes can mean several things and I love how c-reepy they look!


  1. OMG!! Amber, I love it. It does give that eerie vibe, but yes, after reading it, that fits! I cannot wait to see what you have planned for the Syrenka Series!

  2. That is creepy! you know I didn't even notice the eyes at first though! I only noticed the colour change!

    1. Ha! Thanks Sarah! I've been dreaming about red eyes now...


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