July 24, 2013

Review: Falling to Pieces

Falling to Pieces

Title: Falling to Pieces
Author: Amber Garza
My Rating: 4 conch
Source: Purchased
By At: Amazon

Summary from Goodreads: It was just a little white lie. I never thought it would spiral out of control.
But I didn’t have a choice. Asher was close to learning the truth about me, and I couldn’t let that happen.
But now everyone hates me. Well, everyone except for Asher. He believes in me even after what I’ve done.
And when I’m with him I feel like I’m falling. I just hope if I do, he’s there to catch me.

The Review:
I’ve been a fan of Amber Garza since I read her Prowl Trilogy. This was my first time reading a contemporary romance and I’m glad that it was Amber’s. The story revolves around Ivy and Asher who have long-standing friendship riddled with secrets and lies. With one poor decision, Ivy puts Asher in a position that she could have avoided. I tried to like Ivy, and I think I did most of the time, but it was really frustrating to see her hide the truth from Asher for so long. Even at the encouragement of her friends, she wouldn't fill him in and I had a hard time understanding why. Asher is a great character with a big heart. It's nice to see a guy feel so strongly for a girl and by the end I found myself wanted to read more about the two of them together as a couple. Ivy's truth was heartbreaking and unfortunate and I really felt for her. But the two of them together make this a definite read.

The Good:I enjoy Amber's writing style. It flows, it's easy to read, and she does a really great job at creating memorable characters.

The Issue: The prolonged secret. As I mentioned above, while I understood the need for tension and suspense, it was hard to sympathize with Ivy's silence.

The Rating: 4 conch. A good romance, a great couple, and a quick and easy read.

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