September 22, 2013

100th Sunday Snog - Waterproof

Thanks to my good friend and fellow author Juliette Cross, I discovered this awesome event called Sunday Snog over at Blisse Kiss. It's a place to highlight one of my kissing scenes (!) and with the release of Waterproof coming in TWO DAYS, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share a glimpse at Vivienne and Zach in one of their most vulnerable moments. Oh yeah!

And as part of the Sunday Snog, I am offering two ebook copies of Waterproof. It's open to everyone around the world and will run through the 27th. Good luck!!

Here is the snippet and the giveaway is below, but also be sure to check out Juliette's steamy post!

“You finished yet?” Vee asked, startling me enough to force pins and needles through my body. I dropped the shovel and she laughed. “Still afraid of the dark?”

“Shut it,” I mumbled. “What do you want?”

“Everyone’s closing down for the night. I wanted to see how much longer you’d be.” She leaned past me and counted the holes. “Three?” Shaking her head, she turned to walk away. “I could do better.”

Without hesitation, I jumped forward and tackled her to the ground. She screamed but giggled at the same time. When I flipped her on her back and straddled my legs across her stomach, she rolled her eyes. “You can’t compete with me,” I said.

Her dark hair splayed out around her head like a crown. Blue eyes looked up at me with a challenge. “No?” She tried to move her hands, but I pinned her wrists to the ground. Her struggles felt half-hearted.

“I’m the best hunter and latrine digger in this camp.” I leaned forward, my body weight pressing down on her hips and arms. The limited light reflected an area of bare skin just below her neck. I swallowed hard.

Vee noticed my reaction, too. With tense muscles and a tight jaw, she continued to stare at me. “What’s wrong, Zach?”

The way she said it clued me in. She knew this closeness had affected me, and she wanted to see who would hold out longest. Challenge on.

Sliding my feet down toward hers and pushing through one of my dirt piles, I lowered my body. The heat from her stomach singed my own, and I swear she would hear my pounding heart. If she wanted to play this game, she would surely lose. I slowly moved her hands over her head, allowing my chest to brush lightly against hers. Vee let out a quick breath, and I knew I had her.

“Nothing’s wrong,” I whispered into her ear. “I’m just glad I have you here to protect me.” I brushed my lips just above the exposed skin on her neck, doing my best to control my own breathing. “You are our best fighter after all.”

She shivered and I smiled. Hiding my face from hers, I continued to run my lips close enough for her to feel the heat from my breath, but not close enough to touch.

“What are you doing, Zach?” She pretended to struggle, but I knew better. And although I would usually quit by this point, I didn’t want to stop.

Lifting my head so that I could look at her perfect face, my own breath caught in my throat with what I saw. Where our games usually meant nothing, I noticed a different emotion teetering at the surface of her blue eyes. They were full of something I feared my own held too.

I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers. It wasn’t a typical reaction, but I couldn’t control myself.  Waiting to feel her warm up to me or punch me in the head, I sighed when she parted her lips and deepened the kiss. In just a few seconds, our childhood friendship turned into our first adult make out session.

It had been so long since I kissed anyone like this. And even then, it hadn’t been this intense. Vee struggled against my grip, so reluctantly I let go. In an instant, her strong arms wrapped around my neck, pulling me closer. I brushed my hands through her silky hair and felt a new wave of desire when she let out a small moan.

What were we doing? Surely this would change everything. I shushed that part of me and continued to press kisses on her lips, neck, and ear. With each one, her breathing intensified and she pushed her body up toward mine. We’d passed the point of no return and I wondered if this would really be it for us. I slid my hand underneath her shirt, fingers grazing her porcelain skin and tight stomach muscles. Letting out a noise of my own, I forced my arm underneath the small of her back and pulled her hips tight against me. She let out a gasp and I thought my heart would burst with that sound.
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  1. Fallon Vaughn - sound good and i think there relationship seems romantic

  2. One of the best things about joining in the Sunday Snog has been discovering new authors like yourself.
    Now . . . I just need the time to be able to read you more and more . . . LOL!!!
    Xxx - K

    1. Ha! I know exactly what you mean!!! Thanks for stopping by!


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