November 19, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Here's one from Waterproof this week....

I pushed my body into the sleeping bag, lying on my back and doing my best not to notice the electricity shooting between our bodies. Perhaps it was all in my head, perhaps not. Either way, I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to sleep well tonight. With another deep breath, I covered my face with my arms and tried to focus on sleep.

A moment later, Vee moved beside me. I felt her arm rest gently against my chest, her legs snuggling up to mine. Without saying a word, I grabbed her hand and held it close. Although we often nestled up against each other, tonight felt different. We weren’t two friends simply trying to keep warm, we were a pair of twins, unwilling to separate. A pair of twins, who until tonight, hadn’t admitted how much they needed each other. The comfort of that thought overwhelmed me. In no time at all, I felt peaceful enough to drift into a deep sleep.

At first I thought the scream came from my subconscious. Dreams didn’t usually haunt me at night, but every once and a while a deep memory would surface and slash its way through my psyche. Another scream forced me to open my eyes.

“Zach!” Vee’s panicked voice jolted me to alertness.

I turned my head to the side in time to see her being yanked away by a tall stranger. At the same time, shouting from the rest of the group flooded my senses. We were being attacked.

“Not so fast, Romeo.” The cold, sharp point of a blade against my throat stopped my attempt to stand. “We have plans for you once we’re finished with your girlfriend.”

Vee screamed from somewhere behind me and dread burst through my heart. Vee never screamed. Something must be terribly wrong.


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