November 6, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Here's a new meme for me that I plan to do on a regular basis to discuss my current WIPs! And since this is the first one, I just thought I'd layout everything that's in progress and give a status update. Not only will this let you know what's going on, but it will also keep me moving forward with a plan! (I work much better that way!)

Current Books in Progress:

1) First, we have SOULLESS - Book One of The Death Warden Series. Status: 50% complete. Publication date: December/January.

2) The next book is TOUCHING DEATH - A Leila Marx Novel. Status: 12% complete. Publication date: Spring 2014.

3) Then we have the follow-up to WATERPROOF. Title: TBA. Status: 0% complete (working on outline and cover). Publication date: late Spring/early Summer 2014.

4) After that (or somewhere in between) I'd like to work on LIFELESS - Book Two of The Death Warden Series. Status: 0% complete (partially outlined). Publication date: Summer 2014.

5) Oh, and let's add one more for 2014...BOUNDLESS - the final book of The Death Warden Series. Status: 0% complete (partially outlined). Publication date: Fall 2014.

Now, if I can get these done, that would be super awesome! :) I've also been toying with the idea of writing some novellas or shorts with some the Leila Marx characters. I have four stories plotted out now, and I guess as the inspiration comes...I'll start putting it down in ink!
So wish me luck and keep pushing me forward! I love hearing from you and it definitely helps encourage me. :)

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  1. I am so excited that Waterproof 2 could be in the works that soon, I will be the first to buy a copy! I hope you think about doing more dystopian adult romance adult books in the future, it truly was one of my favorite books!!!


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