November 27, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Well, I have two major WIPs right now, and since I missed Teaser Tuesday's a little snippet from SOULLESS.

I didn’t even have a chance to second guess my decision before Charles propelled us out of our realm and into the streets of the living city. In less than seconds, we arrived. My body pulled back together with a sensation akin to dying. I swear I felt every cell, every bone reforming. It didn’t hurt necessarily, but the idea of my body being put back together piece by piece in a matter of milliseconds didn’t sit right with me.

I fell forward and threw up all over the street.

Charles laughed. I wiped my mouth and glared up at him. “I didn’t think I could throw up.”

“Only when in human form,” he said with a smug tone and pointed at me.

I pulled myself back to standing, patting my body and noticing that I was solid. And in one piece. And that Charles had dressed us. “What are you wearing?” I asked.

Charles had on cowboy boots, a hat, and a flannel shirt that I’d never seen him in before. He smiled. “Thought we'd be tourists from the wild west.”

I looked down at my own flannel shirt, jean skirt, and matching pair of boots through the limited street light surrounding us. “Charles,” I groaned. “ I think you’re taking this cowboy thing a little too far.”

He winked. “It’s a much better look than the trashy sorority girl with your undergarments hanging out.”

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