December 10, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Here's a little peek of my novella coming this January - title and cover to be announced soon!

She laughed and then jumped to the ground. Landing as light as a cat, her wings spread out and flapped once. Dirt flew up and into my face, forcing me to close my eyes. But I’d heard her move, and when I opened them again, I expected her right in front of me.

Taller in her harpy form, we stood eye to eye - hers yellow and feral, mine red and hungry. “The only difference is…,” she pushed her body against mine, hands sliding around and grabbing my backside. “I might be willing to share my good fortune with a certain…shall we say troubled...demon, should he ask me nicely.”

Her fingers continued to caress and my vision blurred with red. I felt my cheeks harden and jaw adjust to accommodate a mouth full of teeth sharp enough to tear flesh and suck souls. I had to feed now.

I glanced at Tasmin and smiled—teeth prominently displayed. She purred and squeezed me harder. A sharp talon rubbed against my back. “I’m not a fan of sharing,” I said gruffly.

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