December 17, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Since January is fast approaching, here's a little bit of SCORCHED: A Leila Marx Novella plus a cover tease!

Before she finished, I pushed her to the side and darted toward the tree. I should have been able to outrun her with my demon genes, but I hadn’t taken her wings into consideration. In a blur, she was on me, and I fell. Shoved to the ground, with my face pressing into the dirt, her falcon feet dug into my spine. She flapped her wings for balance, each time sending a sharp crack throughout the night.

“You fool,” she growled. “I was trying to help you.”

I attempted to push myself up, but with another wave of her wings, she cemented me to the ground. “I don’t need your help,” I spat, although I wasn’t sure how angry I sounded with my voice muffled against the damp dirt.

She cackled and dropped to her knees on top of me. Her wings cast a dark shadow over my face but I still noticed how close she was. The sensuality that was a part of her didn’t disappear when she changed forms. Leaning in close enough to whisper she said, “You do. I’ve been around centuries more than you. And I can see it…you’re not going to survive if you keep denying yourself what you desire most.” She bit my earlobe gently between her teeth. I shivered. “I can teach you, young friend. You don’t have to be miserable anymore.”

Struggling beneath her unusual strength I let out a grunt and tried to maneuver away. “Piss off,” I said to her for the second time tonight.
SCORCHED: A Leila Marx Novella, Coming January 2014.

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