January 25, 2014

Scorched: A Leila Marx World Novella

Here it is!! Time for the happy dance! I'm excited to announce the official release date for the first of The Leila Marx World Novellas! Yeah! And this one is about Conner...*sigh*.

For those of you that read Touching Evil, I think you'll like this little side trip into Conner's world. For those of you who haven't - what!! why haven't you? - well, you'll still enjoy this story and perhaps you'll want to read more. By the way, you can grab Touching Evil here or here. hee hee.

Scorched is also going to be part of Marked Hearts - a collection of novellas by numerous authors. I'll have more details on that soon!

SCORCHED - Coming February 4, 2014!

Everyone has their demons.

Before Conner Hoffman began his new life free of collecting souls for his demon father, he spent centuries fighting against his true nature. As a cambion with a conscience, guilt plagued his mind, while the sweet taste of souls satisfied more than just his incubus cravings.

A chance encounter with a beautiful harpy leads Conner down a road to his inevitable fate. Hunted for his unique heritage, he’s forced to embrace his demon side in order to defeat those determined to see him destroyed. With friends masquerading as enemies, trusting his instincts may mean sacrificing part of his humanity.

And that’s the very last thing Conner Hoffman wants to do.

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