March 19, 2014

Teaser Tueday

Yes, it's Wednesday, but it's never too late for a teaser right? To help celebrate the cover, trailer, and website reveal coming up on Saturday for WATERFALL, here's a little teaser from that prequel.

WATERFALL: The Water Crisis Chronicles (Book 0.5)


I walked past my mom and hurried down the stairs. Her light steps followed me into the kitchen where, much to my annoyance, I didn’t see any breakfast. “So now you’re trying to starve me?”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic. Here.” She lifted a tote off the counter and shoved it into my hands.

Peeking inside, I saw some dehydrated fruit, dehydrated meat, and a green thing I couldn’t identify. I also noticed the one liter of water. “Where are my other bottles?” I asked. “I have a three hour practice after school.”

My mom dropped her head and started busying herself with cleaning up a spotless counter. “They’ve cut back on our rations.”


“There was a note attached to the door this morning. Your father talked to the guards outside and they explained that our community water tower is running low and the government is behind schedule with their monthly refills.”

“Why? The whole point of them turning our community into a refuge compound was so that they could control our consumption.” And our behavior.

“Apparently they underestimated the need.” My mom walked over to the sink, which was now covered with a large piece of plywood, reminding us not to use it. “Or they let too many people in.”

“Why anyone thought our government could manage this disaster is beyond me,” I snapped.

“Zachary! Don’t speak ill of the government. They’re doing the best they can.”

“I’m only repeating what dad says.”

“Your father works for the government,” my mom added.

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  1. Fallon Vaughn
    I cant wait to read this! This was a tease alright lol.


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