April 8, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Waterfall

Just a few more weeks away until the release!

A car swerving erratically to get away from the chaos nearly sideswiped Zach and me just moments before we reached his vehicle. “Asshole!” Zach called out, beating his hands against the trunk of the car as is sped past. Turning to me, he asked, “You okay?”
For a split second, the world around us disappeared. Explosions quieted, the screaming ceased, and all of the running bodies blended into the background. Zach’s worried eyes and focus only on me took me by surprise. And my reaction to him twisted something deep inside.
Snapping out of it, I said, “Yeah. I’m fine. Let’s go.” I pushed past Zach, running into a few students in the process. With elbows flying, I made my way to the passenger side and climbed in just as Zach did. He started the Jeep and slammed it into gear. The roar of his horn caught the attention of people scrambling by and thankfully they moved out of our way.
Something crashed to the ground behind us and I turned around in my seat to see the last remnants of the east wing of our school crumble to the ground. “I hope everyone got out,” I whispered to myself.
“What?” Zach focused on zigzagging around people and debris and emergency vehicles trying to come in the same way we were trying to get out. All around us the world had changed in an instant. No longer could we hide in our little safe haven pretending that what was happening in the rest of the world would never happen here. The gates had only delayed the inevitable.
War had reached our doorstep.


  1. What kind of war? What's going on? My interest has been piqued :)

    My TT


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