April 15, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Waterfall

One more week until release day!

As I pulled into the school parking lot, I couldn’t help think about how ridiculous she sounded. “The government isn’t evil, Vee. They may not be the most competent of species, but they aren’t out to get us.”

“Whatever,” she snapped again.

Her attitude had taken a nose dive the last few days and when I saw who was walking over to greet her, it all made sense. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I groaned.

Nathan Corwin, the king of dark, gloomy, and anti-government, shuffled his way over toward us. Jet black dyed hair that hadn’t been washed in a week, black and gray camouflage pants, and eyes covered in guy-liner identified the idiot as one of the “anarchy kids.” Now Vee’s gloomy outfit made sense. “Please tell me you’re not hanging out with him.”

“So what if I am?”

She slid out of the Jeep and hurried to Nathan. The perpetual frown on his face didn’t change, even as he kissed Vee full on the lips. My stomach turned yet I couldn’t look away.

“You need a ride later?” I shouted, knowing that she didn’t. But the look on wanna-be Gothic Ken doll made it worth asking.

Vee turned to me and glared. “No.”

“All right then. You two be safe.”

Vee flipped me off as Nathan dragged her away toward the school. I didn’t necessarily care who Vee dated, but I really wished she would have at least picked someone I could stand hanging out with. I wouldn’t be sharing my air with Mr. Doom any time soon.

“What’s happening to her?” a voice asked from behind me.

I turned to see Mario, my football and soccer teammate and one of my oldest friends standing there, staring at Vee with shock and lust all mixed together. I think Mario had loved Vee since the first day she’d punched him in the face for calling her a name. “It’s just a phase.”

“Yeah, but those guys are scary.”

Laughing, I grabbed my bag and shut the door. “You really think a bunch of kids dressed in black and wearing makeup are going to fight the government? Please, they’re full of shit.”

“I don’t know,” Mario continued, catching up to me. “I heard that Nathan had something to do with the attack at Whispering Oaks.”

“The compound where the water tower was destroyed last week?”

“Yeah. They say he’s a whiz with homemade bombs.”

While I wanted to pass it off as a joke, something inside of me twisted with fear. If even a small part of that was true, I didn’t want Vee anywhere near him.

As though reading my mind, Mario said, “You should get her away from them.”

“Like I have any control over Vee,” I scoffed.

“Well, you’d have a better chance at it than I would,” he said with a frown. “She doesn’t even know I exist.”

Grinning, I threw my arm over his shoulder and trapped him in a choke hold. “Sure she does. You’re the one she likes to punch in the nose.”

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