November 18, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - SSON Anthology

It's been like FOR-EVA since I did a Teaser Tuesday and I made a promise with myself to get back on track. So today I'm starting with ASCEND, a short story that is part of the SOMEWHERE SOUTH OF NORMAL anthology which was recently released.

From Ascend....

The balmy evening air cast an aura of exotic serenity over the island, teasing my skin 
with anticipation and promises. Even the sand grains massaged my human toes in a way no other 
beaches had. 

“This is it,” sighed Elora. Her orange and white striped body glistened with remnants of the 
sea as her ebony hair danced in the persistent breeze. 

I turned to face my partner, my protector, my mate. While time had granted her a longer 
existence than most of our kind, years of obligatory duties had etched their story into her 
otherwise flawless skin. Twice my size, she commanded the attention of all those around. Yet 
behind the fa├žade, she knew her time was coming to an end. And so did I. 

“Do you hear that?” Elora asked. Her dark eyes took in the distant lights with a longing I 
hadn’t seen in her for years. 

“Hear what?” 

“The silence,” she breathed. “I don’t hear any of them calling for me.” 

Surprised by her statement, I tore my gaze from her and listened to my mind. The chirps, 
scratches, and snaps still echoed through my thoughts, silence did not grace me with its presence. 
That kind of silence only belonged to those getting ready to let go. The lump in my throat 
tightened when I finally realized that this would be our last trip together. 

More about the anthology:
Shed the humdrum mainland routine, and escape into our adult fantasy. You can raise a glass with locals masquerading as humans, or slip into extravagant costume for our parade. Until we find you appetizing. We do love our visitors. 

Somewhere South of Normal is a anthology of fantasy stories and poetry from False Key—island of dreams and nightmares, shifters and mermaids. Come and disappear. We’ll neither judge you nor promise your safety. Check your ego at the bridge. False Key is the premier tourist destination for shape-shifting mammals, predatory marine life, and the humans they snack on. Enjoy stories from authors such as Amber Garr, Sutton Shields, and many more. 

Fantasy, horror, supernatural romance and poetry.

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