January 13, 2015

Teaser Tuesday

Here is another sneak peek at THE SECOND RISING!

Book: The Second Rising
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: TBD

“I have a request for you, Mystical Marianna!” Peter interrupted my performance, and when I looked over at him, my heart sank. “I need you to bring this kitten back to life.”
The silence in the room felt like it pierced my soul and then shattered it into a thousand pieces. Shards of anger, despair, and sadness ripped through me in the split second I realized what was happening.
“Dude, what happened? Did you kill that kitten?” someone asked quietly.
“Not cool, man.” Cord has stepped closer to Peter, shaking his head in disgust. “Please tell me you didn’t do that?”
“Relax, I found it. And it’s all going to be okay because Marianna here is a Necromancer,” Peter replied with a twisted smirk.
All eyes turned their attention to me. Some were filled with fear, and some were swimming in excitement. Whether it was the alcohol or the need to impress, all of the boys immediately jumped on the bandwagon.
“You have to save it!”
“Can you really bring things back from the dead?”
Ignoring their questions, I glared at Peter. And if looks could kill, he would have been dead ten times over. How dare he put me in this position? Especially after I’d already explained myself outside. And did he kill that kitten? The knot in my stomach and the look on his face made me suspicious.
Setting the still-soft body gently on the large dining room table, I watched as the white fur-covered head hung at an odd angle before resting on the wood. Bile rose in my throat and I thought about stabbing Peter for a brief moment, just like Brit said I could do to anyone who bothered me. Actually, I thought about stabbing Peter several times, but Cord’s voice broke my vengeful thoughts.
“Can you save it?”
“No,” I spat, eyes still focused on Peter.
“But I thought you could bring things back to life?”
“I can.”
“So, what’s the problem?” Cord’s words were sharp, but his tone was purely inquisitive. He didn’t know that the moment that kitten got ten feet away from me, it would fall over dead again. Permanently. Forever.
He also didn’t understand how using this kind of magic would impact my life.

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