February 10, 2015

Teaser Tuesday

Here is another sneak peek at THE SECOND RISING!

Book: The Second Rising
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: TBD

Noah rested his hand on my shoulder and the spark of energy from him that I’ve grown accustomed to, snaked through me in a calming manner. “Mrs. St. Ange, this is the necromancer I was telling you about.”
I held out my hand only to be offered a few fingers in return. A weak handshake. I hated those.
“And she can be discrete?” the man next to Mrs. St. Ange asked Noah, completely ignoring me.
“Of course,” I answered for myself. “Just as much as I expect your complete silence.”
Noah made a small sound that could have been called a laugh. Not sure what that meant, I did my best to ignore him and focus on the two humans standing in front of me.
The man nodded and ushered the woman up the path and toward a particular grave. Noah and I hung back, giving them a chance to get out of earshot.
“What am I supposed to do?” I asked him, clutching my bag to my chest and trying to ignore the coldness seeping into my bones.
Noah chuckled. “Raise the dead, my little necromancer.”
I looked up at him and rolled my eyes. His cheeks dimpled with amusement and I couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks,” I mumbled. 

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