August 19, 2015

Cross-Genre Authors - Do You Follow?

Today I'd like to talk about something near and dear to my heart - authors switching genres and hearing whether or not you take the journey with them.

I always thought that if I detoured out of the fantasy/science fiction worlds I loved to live in, then I would do so using a pen name. I also never had a story strong enough to write so it wasn't something that I really had to address.

Until now.

I am currently working on an adult contemporary (sweet) romance. The first book is nearly complete and there are a total of three planned for this particular series. It's no secret that contemporary is popular, and in fact, I pretty much missed that new adult CR bubble. But for good reason - I didn't have a story to tell (more about that later). So now that I've made the leap into a completely separate genre with no fantasy, magic, supernatural creatures, or post-apocalyptic worlds, I wondered if I should use a pen name.

And this is what I ultimately decided:


I did not want to carry on two separate personas, social media accounts, emails, etc. Plus, I may just find a totally different audience that would eventually love to live in a world filled with mermaids, witches, and cambions. So ONE MORE BREATH (Book One of The Georgia Girl Series) will be published under AMBER GARR (at some point) and I will officially become a cross-genre author.

So what do you think? Do you follow authors into other genres? Comment below and be entered to win an ebook of your choice for my #HumpDayGiveaway.


  1. If I enjoy an author's ability to tell a story, I'd read a book regardless of the genre. Isn't that apart of the artistic process (for an author) or the purpose of fiction (for the reader)...being able to explore new horizons? Look at painters, musicians, actors, etc., many deviate from their wheelhouse while maintaining their style. Plus, if a reader is interested in exploring a new genre, it might be nice having someone familiar along for the journey.

    Can't wait to read this new book! Is this the historical fiction you've mentioned?

  2. I've read cross-genre authors. If you enjoy their style of writing I'd say give it a try. You may discover that you actually enjoy a genre that you weren't willing to try before.

  3. Good on ya- I can't wait to check out One More Breath! If I like an author's writing style, I don't care what genre they're in. The fact that so many authors start in romance and then transition to another genre is confirmation for me that nobody has "just one genre" they're good at. Truly amazing books involve elements that aren't confined to one genre at all.

  4. use your own name. why confuse your devoted followers?

  5. i love any type and then i will love to read allllll and any books and then the genes are great you have vamp or the type that is hunk and then he or she can switch with out thinking and that make the
    whole story more interested

  6. Yes to this! I'm saying no frickin way too. We shall write adult romances under our own names! :)


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