July 29, 2015

Necessary Life Skills - Part I

I realize I've been absent from any sort of blog post for quite some time and I apologize. While I have some updates about upcoming books and other author things to discuss, I thought I'd talk about something that I noticed recently - Necessary Life Skills.

Part of the reason I've been so absent the past couple of weeks is because I was busy painting a house. We had to get a second rental in a different town for my husband's new job. And just like any rental, it needed a complete repainting on the inside before we could really move in. Since I'm the one with summers off, that responsibility fell to me.

No problem. I love remodeling houses. In fact, my husband and I remodeled/updated every house we've ever lived in together. There are always house projects. So I enjoyed it...but it took a full week even though the house is very tiny. I have some family members that live in this said town, so of course I asked if anyone could spare some time.

Their response...crickets.

Okay, well not completely. One family member (who shall remain unnamed) did give me a few hours of her time. I asked her to roll the paint on the wall while I worked on the trim. And this is what she looked like:

Seriously. She immediately began painting up and down and then left to right with a few diagonal strokes mixed in. I stopped her as soon as I could and asked:

Her response? "That's how they do it on HGTV."

My response?

Yep, the silent eye roll and a demonstration about the correct way to roll light paint onto a dark wall. But it got me thinking...why didn't she know how to paint? It wasn't just the spastic rolling, but it was the paint on the plastic, the floor, and a complaint about how "I don't know how to paint."

I now believe that painting should be one of those life skills that you know how to do. Like driving a stick-shift (and I KNOW there are people my age who can't). But especially if you are a home owner...you should know how to paint, have an electric drill (with varying drill bits), and at least a hammer somewhere in your belongings.

So what do you think? Can you paint a house? Is this a necessary life skill?

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May 18, 2015

The Water Crisis Chronicles - Cover Reveal

Ever wonder what would happen when the world runs out of drinking water? Civil unrest? Global nuclear war? All of the above?

The Water Crisis Chronicles by Amber Garr presents one possible scenario for this all-too-real local and global issue.

Waterproof, the original novel, won Best Science Fiction Novel of 2014 at the Royal Palm Literary Awards and fans of the book asked for a prequel novella - Waterfall. Well, now Waterfall has been expanded into a COMPLETE FIRST NOVEL which will be released in next month.

In addition, the whole series received an updated look that better reflects the two narrators: Zach and Vivienne and the love story woven into a world set on destroying itself.

Waterfall will be re-released as a full novel in June (stay tuned for more info), and Waterproof is available now. Watermarked, the final book of the series, is due for release in September 2015!

A special thanks to Emma Michaels for her excellent front covers! Find out more about Amber Garr at her website, on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.

May 12, 2015

UtopYA 2015 Pre-orders

Hey everyone! As I get ready to attend UtopYA 2015 I finally got around to creating a pre-order form. So if you'd like to purchase signed paperbacks, please sign up below.

Also...Waterfall and Waterproof have BRAND NEW COVERS and Waterfall is a FULL NOVEL now and not just a novella. More on that soon! :)

You can fill out the Pre-Order Form HERE!!