February 2, 2016

Where did another year go?

Well, it's February. Of 2016. And I don't think I ever did a post about my plans for 2015. That figures.

Even though my new releases have been few and far between, I promise you that I have been writing. A lot. And here's what happened in 2015:

In April, I released an expanded version of WATERFALL, the first book in The Water Crisis
Chronicles. In September, SOMEWHERE SOUTH OF SANE released which included a brand new short story from the world of The Syrenka Series.

I also have TWO manuscripts with my agent that I completed in 2015. One is a YA/NA Urban Fantasy and one is a NA Contemporary Romance. Both are with editors and I have my fingers crossed that a publisher will love them as much as we do.

And I did something new for me...I published under a pen name! The name must remain secret for a number of reasons, but I released two books in 2015, one already in 2016, and many more planned for this year. It's been fun (and exhausting) creating a whole new persona and basically building my readership from scratch again, but it's worth it!

Now on to 2016....

One of issues/set backs /concerns last year was that the publisher who released SOULLESS closed their doors. It means that this book is no longer out in the world, but it also means that I got all of my rights back. So, I've added a new chapter, created a new cover, and plan on re-releasing it myself sometime in the near future. It would also be nice if I can find the time to finish the other two books in the series too. *sigh*

And speaking of series...I NEED TO finish the final book of the Water Crisis Series, WATERMARKED. It's been started. Now I just need to fit it into the mix. I know I've been promising this one for a while, and I'm sorry for the delay. It's coming. I promise.

I'm also working on an anthology with a group of amazing student writers at my school. It will included an original short story from me plus a bunch of awesome ones from this talented group. I'll have more info about that project in the coming months.

Oh - I'd LOVE to go back to Leila's world and finish TOUCHING DEATH. So add that to the list too.

And of course, if I get good news on my agented manuscripts, that could also dictate the plan for the year.

So, I'm working hard at being a productive author while working full-time and making sure I don't sit at the computer during all of my free time (it hurts my back!). Writing one of these posts also makes me feel like I need to be accountable. And I will be.

I have a feeling 2016 is going to be a good year!

October 27, 2015

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September 30, 2015

Newest Release - Somewhere South of Sane

I've been MIA for a bit and while I blame my time management skills now that summer is over, it's also because I've been very busy in author world.

I plan to do an update soon about upcoming releases, novels, works in progress...but in the mean time I can announce my involvement with the second edition of the SOMEWHERE SOUTH anthology!

For the first time in a long time, I have returned to the world of the Syrenka Series. Julian (our selkie king) is making an original appearance in the latest edition and will give everyone a peek into the story behind the selkie that fell in love with a mermaid.

All stories in the anthology take place on False Key - the island of dreams and nightmares, shifters and mermaids.

The official release date is October 4th, but you can pre-order your own copy now for just $2.99!

Visit False Key—We love our tourists. So tasty. 

Looking for a fantasy getaway? Ready for some supernatural romance? In a dozen short stories and poems, escape to False Key, Florida--island of dreams and nightmares, shifters and mermaids. Some want to hook up, but beware. Watch out for predatory marine life on the prowl, catch up with your favorite naughty angel, a wily witch, and a fearless shaman in Book 2 of Somewhere South. 
Whether you're stopping for a cold one at the Peg Leg or catching a late show at Skinwalkers, False Key nightlife promises creepy bartenders, magic-slinging waitstaff, and gullible patrons. Why not join them? 
If you like the Bourbon Street books by Deanna Chase, the Syrenka series by Amber Garr or Sutton Shields’ Merworld Water War stories, you’ll love these supernatural tales set on a mythical island in the Florida Keys. 
Read more about a few of our stories: 
Well Inked by Serena Schreiber--False Key's new shaman wants a whale but inherits a twisted kitty. 
Propagation by Mary Freeman--Do you know where mangroves come from? Beware the beach. 
Inversion Therapy by Dale Simpson--Shift your perspective on love and partnership compliments of False Key. 
Persuasion by Amber Garr--While seeking a mate, a selkie gets distracted. 
Distant Shores by Kathleen Spalding--Reality stretches, revealing secrets in the night. 
P.O. Box 319 by Corina Pelloni--A post box delivers supernatural correspondence. And a snake ghost. 
Father's Day by Amber Garr--A huckster gets the girl. But she's a shifty one. 
Over It by Sutton Shields--A Mini Wave (Supernatural romance from The Merworld Water Wars series). 
Yon Hither by A.P. Kelly--Unstable ley lines threaten to rip the fabric of reality. Again. 
Handy by Serena Schreiber--When the King Tide washes up something big and fishy, the merman in pursuit enlists the help of our favorite shaman. Twisted kitty lends a paw. 

You'll also enjoy poetry from Kathryn Thomas, Wanda Frazier, and Mary Freeman as well as the artwork of Corina Pelloni and Dj Voelker. Buy Somewhere South of Sane, and slip away from reality today.