January 3, 2012

The Value of Book Reviews and Series Update

I am part of a writer's critique group that has been nothing short of amazing.  Most are published authors who are really great at highlighting the pros and cons of a piece in a constructive and productive way.  For those who have read my book, you will also know that I've utilized a close group of friends and family to help get my novel ready for publication.  Their comments, edits, and suggestions are what helped to make Promises what it is.

That being said, I'm still in awe over the fact that total strangers have been buying the book.  Of course, that's what I want, but it is surreal.  Aside from selling a few books every day, it has also been exciting to see positive reviews and ratings coming in for Promises.  I know it won't be for everyone, but it's still a relief to know that people are actually enjoying it!

And speaking of reviews, you can check out the most recent one from Mandy at Twimom101 Book Blogs.  Not only did she post a fantastic review, but I did a Top Ten interview with her, and she posted a blurb for her Teaser Tuesday edition!  Oh, and we're doing a giveaway!  So much fun!

I've had several requests to release Betrayal as soon as possible, so I'm going to get on that!  The first chapter is included in the digital and print versions of Promises...just a little taste of what is to come.  I will post it on the website and blog as I get closer to publication.

The third, and still untitled (ugh) book is 20,000 words complete at this point.  I wish I could write all day long, but I can't, so I'll continue to get this story out one chapter at a time.

In short, it's been almost a month since I took the leap and published my first novel.  With no regrets, and encouragement to release more, I am so excited to see where this will go.  I finally added a title to my blog: The Evolution of a Muse because that's how I feel about this whole creative process.  My ideas and stories are always taking on a life of their own and each day brings a new version.

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