February 15, 2012

The "Entrepreneurial Author"

I happened across this post the other day at The Indelibles and thought it nicely sums up what the last few months of my life have been like as a new indie author.  Here's a peek at the list of the many hats every self published author has to wear.  Check out the post to read what it is truly like.  I think she nailed it!

1. Writer
2. Editor
3. Plotter
4. Designer
5. Copywriter
6. Formatter
7. Researcher
8. Typer
9. Budget manager
10. Channel account manager
11.  Inventory record keeper
12. Accountant
13. Lawyer
14. Marketer
15. Social Networker
16. Interviewee
17. Advertiser
18. Publishing Rep
19. Supporter
20. Agent
21. Project manager
22. Sales Team
23. Problem solver
24. Self believer
25. Thanker
26. Multi-tasker
27. Panicker
28. Night Owl
29. Psychologist

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