March 31, 2012

Betrayal Review and Fairy Barf

I'm finally back home in sunny Florida after enduring a rather miserable turbulent flight that aged me at least ten years yesterday.  UGH.  Spent the whole day outside trying to get back on track and so I didn't get online for almost 48 hrs.  Gasp!

But when I did, look at what I found!  Mandy at TwiMom101 Book Blog released her review of Betrayal and it's a good one! Yeah!  She previously reviewed Promises for me and thus began my love for book bloggers.  I am really glad to see her thoughts on Betrayal, as it is exactly the type of emotion and enthusiasm I was going for. :)

And now for the Fairy Barf.  On one of my stops in the Olympic National Forest, I discovered that there are dozens of lichens growing in the woods and one of them is called Fairy Barf.  No joke.  Check out the picture!  Yes, it may be a tad juvenile of me to find this amusing, however, if fairies were going to live anywhere...I think the temperate rain forests would be an excellent choice.  So who knows...maybe it really is fairy barf after all.

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