April 16, 2012

The Quilted Mermaid

There is a bar in town called The Kilted Mermaid so I couldn't help it...I had to borrow the name for the title of this post!

A few weeks ago I sent a signed copy of Promises to the granddaughter of family friends.  I was already so honored that her grandmother had read it and thought it would be perfect for her granddaughter.  Every time I get a compliment about my books, I am ecstatic and I especially love to see readers making recommendations to others.

Anyway, I happily sent the book to her and hoped that she, too would enjoy it.  Then a couple of days ago, a package arrived at my house.  Much to my delight, I received my very own personalized mermaid quilt inspired by The Syrenka Series!  The photo really doesn't do it justice...it is so beautiful.  And on the back is a note describing how this quilt was made for me and my books and in appreciation for signing a copy for her granddaughter.

I am constantly amazed by people and their niceties, and this just totally made my day!  There are also fish and cats and several different mermaids all quilted throughout...and it will forever be in memory of my first published series.

So thank you Donna!  You are amazing and wonderful and now I just have to find the perfect place on my wall to hang it!

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