July 2, 2012

YA Mythology - Trending Now

Last week I was contacted by author Leigh Michael and asked to participate in a YA Mythology promotion.  With mermaids, demigods, sprites, etc. breaking into the YA market, she collected ten of us who write for this genre to help showcase why mythological stories are worth the hype.

Someone posted a comment in one of my reviews a while ago that asked "are mermaids the new vampires?" and I've been wanting to address that ever since.  Yes!  I sure hope that mermaids and other water creatures are next in line to enter pop culture.  I've noticed more and more mermaid stories being published and I think there will be another push for them later this summer when Amanda Hocking releases her mermaid/siren series and her millions of fans are introduced to an alternative being to swoon over.  As an indie author with a mermaid series, I hope these fans will search out other mermaid and mythological stories to quench their thirst.

But back to the promotion...we will all be posting and sharing ideas about YA mythology trending now and there will also be some awesome giveaways.  So what do you think?  Are mermaids and mythological creatures the next vampire or werewolf?


  1. Man I hope that's true, about water beings being the next big thing! I have been querying a YA novel about a water creature/ young woman since February. The agents who have requested materials are telling me mermaids were out before they even got started. So, then I got in touch with published (both traditional and small press) authors of mermaid stories who have all told me the same thing. Apparently there was a small push for mermaid novels a while back (these are the ones we are seeing coming out now). Each larger publishing house has since said they will only publish one mermaid novel. Period. And basically, most already have.

    But, as a mermaid/water creature lover, I have not given up. I love to read the books, and I'll continue to work on getting mine published. :) I try to tell others about these novels coming out to generate some excitement and love for the amazing new creatures in YA fiction. With new creatures comes different views and fresh new stories, not to mention creative folklore bending. :)

  2. Thanks for your insight Rachel...and I am still holding out hope as well. It is kind of dicouraging to see that the publishing houses are "done" with mermaids. I hope that there are some out there who will be open to accepting a good, entertaining story about YA mythological creatures. I, too, will continue to read the books and I wish you the very BEST of luck with publishing yours!!


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