September 25, 2012

Super Sequels - Amber Garr (me!)

So today is my day for the Super Sequels Giveaway hosted by Mayandree Michel. Yeah! We are featuring Betrayal, but as you know, you can also get Arise now too. Be sure to visit Mayandree's site to enter the GIVEAWAY.

Life as a mermaid can be suffocating.
Eviana Dumahl has returned home as a clan leader, an orphan, and a heartbroken teenage girl.  Her parents are dead and her boyfriend, Brendan, has decided that he needs some time away.  While battling her inner turmoil, Eviana is forced into the war that Lucian Sutherland has incited amongst her own kind.  With the help of Kain, her friend and formally betrothed, the two work together to prove that they deserve their birthrights as young merfolk leaders.
When The Council requests a demonstration of Eviana’s mermaid powers, she finds herself with an opportunity to win back Brendan’s heart.  But her orders to train with a repulsive merman and the presence of an attractive new suitor challenges Eviana to embrace her leadership and resist temptation. Lucian is after her, and no one seems to understand why.  Loyalties are tested as the casualties increase, showing Eviana that sometimes it is impossible to delineate between friends and enemies.
On Writing Betrayal - Book Two of a Series:

Originally, The Syrenka Series existed only as a short story with readers experiencing the forbidden love between a mermaid and a selkie.  But once I set it aside, the world kept calling and I had to go back and see where Eviana and her friends would take me.  So turning the original 3,000 words into a trilogy, was both a challenge and extremely entertaining.

In writing the second book of the series, I knew it was important to settle some unanswered questions from Promises and also leave a whole slew of them open for the final installment, Arise.  It was important for me to show the readers how much Eviana had grown up in the few months between each book.  Her life changed drastically and it was now time for her to live up to her family’s expectations.

I wrote Betrayal in about a month.  Every single night I had to get at least an hour in front of my computer.  The story fell into place very quickly and once that happened, I couldn’t stop writing!  I loved showing more about the Council and the inner workings of merfolk society, but even more so, I loved writing Graham.  With his bad boy ways covering up a struggle very similar to Eviana’s, it was going to be difficult for her to resist.

Betrayal will take the reader on a journey full of heartache and realizations that the world Eviana once thought she knew, no longer exists.  And the people she’s relied on turn out to be anything but trustworthy.  With a cliffhanger that will make you rush out to grab Arise, I think this second book hit every goal I wanted to help move the story forward and lead into the conclusion of the series.
Find out more about Betrayal at Amber's Website and The Syrenka Series website.
Fell free to contact Amber at her Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, or email.
Buy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and be sure to check out the final book in the trilogy, Arise.

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