September 27, 2012

Super Sequels - Mayandree Michel

Today's stop - the host of the Super Sequels Giveway Mayandree Michel, and her sequel in The Descendants series: Sacrifice. Be sure to visit Mayandree's site to enter the GIVEAWAY.


Super Sequels Week : Sacrifice, The Descendants #2

If you've poked around my blog before, you're probably familiar with my books and what they are  about. For those of you who are stopping by for the first time, allow me to introduce the story of The Descendants. Betrayal, The first book in this trilogy was released last year and is about Cordelia, a seventeen year old empress-to-be and direct descendant of Zeus. Cordelia has been exiled to the future with no real memory of her past. With her lack of memory, her divine powers are diminished. She must find the truth amongst her kingdom and its members, as well as reinforce the strength of her empire in the fight against Hades'.  
Sacrifice, the second book in the series, was released last month, and continues Cordelia's story. Cordelia is stronger and takes on the role of empress, governing her empire, while she tries to navigate her heart to the most deserving and rightful suitor. In this installment, the past is revealed and threatens the very future Cordelia once believed she was entitled to. 
To find out more about Betrayal, click here. More on Sacrifice, click here.
The Descendants Casting Call

Almost always, when you are reading a book, there is a movie playing along in your mind. You envision the characters with some of the faces you see on TV or in movies. Many author's will agree that the same thing occurs when writing. I picture real people playing the roles of the characters in my story as if it were a movie.
Since the debut of Betrayal, and more so now with the release of Sacrificemany of you have written me, expressing just how much you’d love to see The Descendants series made into a film. Honestly, the idea of my books ever being commissioned for a movie seems so far and out of this world, yet it does make me want to share more of what went into writing the story.

So I decided to share who I thought could play the roles. Although some of my choices are based on the personality and demeanor of the actors / models, they are mostly based on the looks of the person.

So here we go with my picks for the cast. What do you think?

This was the hardest choice. Honestly, as I began writing the series, I pictured
 several actors and actresses for every character and I still haven't made up
 my mind on who would play Cordelia. These actresses seem to have
 at least one or two attributes that embody Cordelia's rare beauty.
Victoria Justice, minus the green eyes,
is my first choice.
A younger Ashley Greene would be great. 
She looks so sweet and innocent in this photo.

Nina Dobrev fits the part almost perfectly
 in this period costume, but is it just me or does
 she bare a striking resemblance to Victoria Justice? 
I'm not sure if either of these models measure up to the gorgeous
son of Poseidon, but I'll let you decide. They're both over six feet, so that works.
Sean Opry is just dreamy. He's my first pick.
Mario Ermito shows Evander's turbulent side,
 but his hair should be darker.
Victor, the bad boy, has to look just as devilish as he looks delicious. I
couldn't decide which photo of Tyson Ballou, the hottest
 American model (in my opinion anyway), showed Victor's
 dark side best.

I think both actresses embody Bethany's stunning beauty perfectly,
 and can play a domineering role with ease.
Amanda Seyfried, has the face, but I'm not sure she's tall
 enough. Bethany is nearly six feet.
 Evan Rachel Wood definitely has the height and blue eyes.
I thought of a younger version of Jason Momoa for Nikolas.
He certainly seems tall enough to portray the mighty centaur,
but he'd have to keep that
youthful face while beefing up his physique.

This photo of Jason Momoa depicts Nikolas' passion
 for a good time.Who wouldn't want to hang out with Nikolas,
especially if he looks anything like Jason. Can't you just
 picture him saying, "Who's got the glasses?" as he opens a bottle of wine?
Well, there they you have it, as they were in my head (sort of), and still are. What's your take on my cast picks? I would really like to hear what you all think. Leave a comment, letting me know which actors, and actresses you think would best fit the characters in The Descendants series.
Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Sacrifice, as well as the autographed sophomore novels of the Syrenka series, by Amber Garr, the Desolation series, by Ali Cross, and Annabelle's Story, by Leigh Michael.

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