January 14, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

Here's another peek at SCORCHED - more info about cover reveal and release date coming soon!

“So?” she nudged me again, her dress hanging precariously low.

“What?” I asked.

“How long have you been soul sucking?”

I swallowed hard and turned back to the bar. “Piss off.” Anger would surely make her go away.

She laughed, a noise that captivated every part of my traitorous body. “You can’t fool me cambion. I sensed you a mile away.”

“You’re a crazy wench,” I mumbled into my new mug.

“And you’re a bloke in denial.” She pushed a drunkard off his nearby stool and dragged it over next to me. I watched as the patron said nothing when he looked at the delicious thief. “Trust me, it gets better.” When I flagged down the bartender, she continued. “Working for demons is much better than working for the other side.”

I sighed. “You’re still here?”

She laughed again and tossed her auburn hair over her shoulder with practiced perfection. Leaning close enough to touch me, she grabbed the mug from my hands. My body quivered, reacting even though I tried to will it away. Damn harpy.

“I’ve never met one of you before,” she cooed as she stole my ale.

I raised my eyebrows, hoping that I could ignore her. Just before she was about to speak again, the bartender stepped in front of us. “Give me the soup,” I said.

“And for the lady?” The man obviously had no idea who he was talking to. Or what she was.

“No,” she giggled. “I’ll just have some of his.” Propping up on her elbows, she leaned forward so that the man got an ample view of her assets. His jaw dropped in awe. “But I may need another ale if it’s not too much trouble.” She brushed her hand along his cheek and against his lips.

I thought the guy died since it took him several seconds before he breathed again.

Clearing my throat, I shifted to the side, annoyed with her intrusion. I didn’t need to be around someone like her. It would only lead to trouble.




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