January 21, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

I decided to do something a little different today and share a snippet from Waterproof - in case you haven't read it yet! And to make it interesting on this cold winter day, I picked a nice, steamy part for your enjoyment. Hee hee!

Without hesitation, I covered Zach’s lips with my own, trying to convey the guttural need ripping through my body. After spending the afternoon spilling my heart to Jackson, I’d realized how much I couldn’t live without Zach in my life. It was so much more than the way I felt about any of the others, that I was surprised it took me this long to admit.

I loved him, and tonight I planned on showing him how much he meant to me. Like Daric and Alicia, we might not have tomorrow. I would no longer live in denial and regret.

He set me down as gracefully as a dancer and moved his hands greedily over my waist, hips, and butt. Guiding him through the cabin, I continued to press my lips on his. My mouth parted to accept his invitation, and I let out a small moan when his tongue darted around inside, frantically looking for a response.

I answered by ripping off his jacket, followed by my own. Our lips still never broke contact until we slammed into the wood table defining the dining area. Without missing a beat, Zach tucked his hands under my thighs and lifted me up to the edge of the table.

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