April 30, 2014

The WCC Fundraiser - Win a Kindle Fire

Today is April 30th, which means that it's time for me to celebrate Waterfall and Waterproof and my month-long fundraiser for www.water.org.

From now until May 31st, I will donate 100% of the proceeds from EVERY sale of Waterfall and Waterproof (ebook AND paperback) will go to WATER.ORG. You've probably read the reason why I created The Water Crisis Chronicles, but if not, you can find out more here. In short, the world is sorely lacking in freshwater resources (drinking water), and I truly believe that it's only a matter of time before we reach a pivotal point. Will we destroy the world with our wars? Maybe. Will we ever get the upper hand on the crisis? I sure hope so.

And I'm going to do what I can to help save the world. Everyone can conserve water, and everyone can support the non-profit organizations really out there in the field and making a difference for millions of people who can't go to school or get out of poverty because they must search for water all day long.

So from April 30 to May 31, each time you buy one of the books from The Water Crisis Chronicles or donate directly to the cause, you can enter to win a Kindle Fire HD. Is this a bribe? Maybe. But all of the money and good intentions will go to support a worthy cause and help bring clean drinking water to those who need it most.

My goal is to raise $500...please join me in helping to make that happen!

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