May 13, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

Have you read Waterfall yet? Well, if not, here's a little peek. Now available for just $0.99!

I looked toward the end of our driveway where Vee and her family sat waiting in their Volvo wagon. Her bright blue eyes peered out of the rear window, a slight smile appearing on her face when she spotted me watching her. “Are you all right?” I mouthed, and she nodded.

“Zachary,” my dad called out the driver’s side. “Get in. She’s fine.”

I thought I saw a little glimmer of something mischievous in my dad’s eyes as he yelled at me. He’d been giving me a hard time about Vee this past year, telling me not to pass up a good thing. And no matter how many other girlfriends I’d had, he’d only ever teased me about Vee.

“Okay, this might get a little rough,” my dad said as we backed out of the driveway.

“What?” my mom asked.

“We can’t go through the main gate so we had to find another way.”

“There’s another way out of the compound?” I asked.

My dad smiled as he drove in the opposite direction of the front gate. “There is now.”

“What did you and Sampson do?” my mother asked, accusation tainting her tone.

“I didn’t do anything.”

I laughed at my dad’s ability to avoid answering my mother’s questions. Sampson liked to tinker, and I had a feeling he’d tinkered a way for us to get out of a wall that previously had no escape.

“David?” my mom continued to pry, but my dad just pointed. There, ahead of us and at the end of what used to be a dead-end street, was a hole in the compound wall large enough for a car to fit though.

“Nice,” I said with admiration and my dad smiled at me through the mirror.

“Sampson has quite the arsenal stored under his shed.”

“What?” my mother cried out and I laughed at the look on her face. She glared at me and I slunk back in my seat.

“We don’t know if this has been discovered yet, so keep an eye out for the soldiers.” My dad slowed down and let Vee’s family catch up. With a wave of his hand and some secret signal he and Sampson had, he pushed on the gas and drove us toward the wall. Debris rustled the Jeep, flying up and hitting the metal with a screeching plea to stop. Or maybe it was a warming. But either way, my dad never slowed again. He sped over the pieces of old wall with a smile on his face until we busted through to the other side.

I turned in my seat, looking behind me to make sure Vee made it out too. Surprisingly, their car had no issues clearing the debris and just a few seconds after us, they barreled out of the compound. I cheered and my dad laughed. My mom sat in the front, face pale and shock skirting around the edges of her eyes. Reaching across the seat, my dad grabbed her hand. It reminded me of Vee and I swallowed hard at the memory.

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