February 11, 2015

Watery Wednesday

In an effort to be better about blogging this year and to share some of my pieces that I absolutely love, I'm introducing WATERY WEDNESDAY'S on my blog. Each Wednesday I'll add a couple of pages (in order) from my award-winning Water Crisis Chronicles. Today we're continuing with Chapter 1 of  WATERFALL.


Zach (continued)

A hint of a smile developed at the corner of her mouth before she snapped her angry façade back into place. “Are we going to sit here all day?”
“Relax, Vee,” I said, putting the Jeep into gear and starting our drive to school.
“Stop calling me that. It’s Vivienne.”
“Okay, whatever,” I said. Shaking my head I prepared for the backlash. “What’s up with you lately, anyway? You’ve been all cranky and menstrual.” Vee punched my arm so hard I winced.
“Mature, Zach.”
“Hey! You’re the one who just hit me.” My arm started to throb as I turned the steering wheel.
“You deserved it. Why do all you guys think that every time women are in a bad mood it’s because we’re on our period? Did you ever think that maybe we’re just sick of idiots like you.”
“Whoa, Vee. Chill out. Forget I even asked.” I didn’t think I’d ever understand the female race.
Vee sat back in her seat and scowled, so I took note of my surroundings more than I usually would. While tents and campers lined the streets of our compound, as soon as we left the gates, the streets were deserted.
“There’s Doomsday Danny,” I said, driving past the homeless man standing just outside our gates with a sign that read The End Is Now. “Hey, he changed the slogan.”
“I guess the end isn’t coming anymore, it’s here,” said Vee. She turned on the radio to the only station available anymore. The National Disaster Response Authority news channel reported on the state of the world, often times only focusing on the bad. True to nature, the reporter with the monotone voice discussed death and devastation like a robot.
“Nuclear attacks in London, Berlin, and Beijing have destroyed everything within a two mile radius and impacted areas more than twenty miles away. The targets appear to be the desalinization plants, although other political agendas may have been a factor as well.”
“Fucking geniuses,” Vee griped. “Let’s destroy the one thing that will help us. Yeah, that makes sense.”
“No one is taking responsibility right now,” the newscaster continued. “However, sources suspect the paramilitary group Dekania has once again infiltrated the facilities in an effort to spread their hate of governmental control. Death tolls are expected to reach at least one million, and threats of more attacks continue to be a concern.”
Vee slammed her hand against the radio button, silencing the never-ending bad news. “The world is blowing itself up and yet we still have to go to school. We should be out there fighting.”
I stared at her in disbelief. “Fighting what?”
“I don’t know. Government oppression, asshole terrorists, those people that keep poisoning the water supplies—”
“Those are terrorists, Vee,” I said, cutting her off. That earned me an evil glare.

“All of them. We should be fighting against all of them and not wasting our days sitting in a classroom.”

Find out more about Waterfall HERE.

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